Seyhun Topuz

Seyhun Topuz, graduated in 1971 from the Sculpture Department of the National Academy of Fine Arts, Istanbul. She began working as an assistant at the same department in 1974. Between 1978 and 1980, she moved her atelier to New York where she worked with sculptor Jose de Creeft. In 1983, she returned to New York for another year. Participating into various group shows since 1972, she was invited to the first Biennial in Istanbul in 1987. Her first solo show was in Maçka Art Gallery in Istanbul in 1982; Maçka continued opening her shows in Istanbul on a regular basis, in addition to Gallery Nev in Ankara. In 1997, a Seyhun Topuz exhibition was also hosted by the Ayşe and Ercümend Kalmık Museum in Istanbul.Topuz’s 35th anniversary in art was marked with a comprehensive retrospective in Istanbul in 2006. Meantime, her works were viewed at the exhibition entitled “Memory and Scale: 15 Artists of Modern Turkish Sculpture”, organized at the Istanbul Modern Arts Museum. Topuz lives and works in Istanbul.