Candeğer Furtun & Christie Brown

03.04.2024 - 04.05.2024

Galeri Nev

Candeğer Furtun / Christie Brown

Galeri Nev unites Candeğer Furtun and Christie Brown, perhaps the most eminent sculptors from Great Britain and Turkey.

Building their narratives around “parts”, these two remarkable women artists, are preparing to complement each other for the first time, by assembling and colliding their parts. Brown's exploration of mythology and Furtun's near-archaeological approach converge. Furtun's focus on sociological themes and signs cast Brown's exploration of psychological threats and personal struggles in a new light. Christie Brown's realm of animal figures and hybrid beings highlights the proximity of Candeğer Furtun's "plastic" bodies—perhaps the epitome of plasticity—to nature and the organic. One’s literary and historical research completes, and sometimes breaks down the other’s mechanic and chemical investigations, bridging science with poetry as seamlessly as with literature.

After nearly a quarter-century absence from gallery exhibitions, Candeğer Furtun's passionate reunion with her audience is further highlighted by her reunion with her long-time friend Christie Brown, who will be traveling from England for the occasion. The CANDEĞER FURTUN-CHRISTIE BROWN exhibition, marking this significant collaboration, opens on 3 April 2024 at Galeri Nev with both artists in attendance.