Another Round


14.09.2022 - 08.10.2022

Kendi Collection

Altan Gürman / Ayşegül Turan / Beril Or / Canan Dağdelen / Candeğer Furtun / Ceylan Öztrük / Deniz Bilgin / Eda Gecikmez / Elif Uras / Erol Akyavaş / Esma Ekiz / Fatih Kahya / Gökhun Baltacı / Işıl Kurmuş / Jennifer İpekel / Kutlu Gürelli / Kyriaki Mavrogeorgi / Leyla Gamsız / Mehtap Baydu / Melike Abasıyanık Kurtiç / Mübin Orhon / Necla Rüzgar / Nermin Kura / Pelin Kırca / Selim Cebeci / Serpil Mavi Üstün / Yıldız Moran / İbrahim Karakütük / Şemsi Arel

Sphere: The O! that has fascinated us for centuries with its extraordinary simplicity. The democracy of each point being equidistant from each other, the authority of mathematics, the center and the centrifugence, the desperate attraction between the planets and their moons, the excitement of endless possibility, the poetry of a raindrop falling on water, the divinity of ecstatic whirlwind...

One of the NEVNADİR (rare works) exhibitions that started in 2014 on the occasion of the thirtieth anniversary of Galeri Nev, Another Round, spins around the sphere form. In addition to the artists regularly represented by the gallery, the exhibition also welcomes “rare” and admired guests. Presenting works set aside or specially produced by the artists for this exhibition, Another Round does not only offer the opportunity to compare techniques, materials, thoughts and generations with each other. It also traces the possibility of a zeitgeist.

Rolling back and forth between the poles of science and philosophy, the sphere, when percieved spatially, brings to mind the temples, the ancient amphitheaters built in countless different geographies, for endless times in history, but also the womb and the skull. The exhibition to be opened in Istanbul chooses the Kendi Collection, located in the historical Cordova Building, as its venue.

Kendi Collection, on the one hand, is a marvellous cabinet of curiosities, where the founders Zeynep and Can Kendi share, with excited viewers, their toy collection of approximately six thousand pieces, domestic and foreign, covering a period from the 1920s until the end of 1970s. On the other hand, maintaining their art pieces with the same passion, the family also plans to invite international curators to hold regular art exhibitions that will be articulated to this collection of toys. Registered as one of the parallel events of the 17th Istanbul Biennial, Another Round stands out as the first of these exhibitions. Paintings by Şemsi Arel and Leyla Gamsız that are among the rare pieces of the show are selected from the art collection of Zeynep and Can Kendi.

When placed among thousands of toys, the exhibition Another Round brings to mind the circles around fire, tree trunks hugged while climbing, that momentary stop of Ferris wheels at their highest point, the catchy rhymes, the snow globes, disco balls, soap bubbles and all the games played with balls. Another Round that will be opened in Kendi Collection on September 14, lines up the marbles that we tightly keep in our palms side by side.

Kendi Koleksiyonu
Meşrutiyet Caddesi Cordova Apartmanı No: 64/1
Tepebaşı / İstanbul