Selim Cebeci

Selim Cebeci completed his architectural education in 1972. He started painting in 1980. After 1983, he left architecture and made stage and costume designs; he worked as an art director in commercials. In 1990 he turned to painting entirely. He opened his first personal exhibition at Yapı Kredi Kazım Taşkent Art Gallery in 1998; Writer Orhan Pamuk wrote the catalog text of this exhibition. His work has appeared on book covers; Murathan Mungan (writer & poet) published "Kırk Oda" (Forty Rooms), which was in its eleventh edition in 2002, with a picture specially made for this book by Selim Cebeci on its cover. The few solo exhibitions he opened in Istanbul and Ankara were enough for him to be remembered among the masters of photo-realism. The works of Selim Cebeci, who continues his works in Istanbul and Athens, were last seen in the "Golden Age" exhibition held in December 2019 for the thirty-fifth anniversary of Galeri Nev.