19.03.2022 - 19.04.2022

Galeri Nev

Alev Ebüzziya Siesbye / Ayşegül Turan / Beril Or / Deniz Aktaş / Eda Gecikmez / Erdal Duman / Erol Akyavaş / Esma Ekiz / Fatih Kahya / Gökhun Baltacı / Gülsün Karamustafa / Güneş Terkol / Işıl Kurmuş / Kutlu Gürelli / Kyriaki Mavrogeorgi / Melike Abasıyanık Kurtiç / Nazif Topçuoğlu / Necla Rüzgar / Nermin Kura / Pelin Kırca / Roland Topor / Selim Cebeci / Volker März / Yıldız Moran / Zeren Göktan

The sphere: O! has fascinated us for centuries with its magically simple form. The democracy of each point being equidistant from each other, the authority of mathematics, the run away from the center, the helpless attraction between the planets and their moons, the excitement of endless possibility, the poetry of a raindrop falling on water, the divinity of ecstatic whirlwind... Exhibiton O!, which keeps revolving around and around the sphere form, will be one of the "NevNadir" exhibitions that we repeat every two years, as of  2014 marking the thirtieth anniversary of Galeri Nev. In addition to the artists represented by Galeri Nev, the exhibition will also be welcoming exceptional guests whom we admire. With the special works that the artists selected or produced for this theme, O! does not only offer the opportunity to compare techniques, materials, ideas and generations with each other. It also traces the possibility of a "zeitgeist". The curved walls built particullary for the exhibition also refer to the inclusive and intimate interior of the sphere. A skull, a womb, a snow globe, and temples built in countless different geographies in the eternal moment of history all inspire the gallery's circular – perhaps even labyrinthine – architecture for this exhibition. The artifacts placed inside, while re-searching the poles of science and philosophy, also bring to mind hand in hand circles around a fire, ancient amphitheaters, disco balls, soap bubbles, and all games played with marbles or balls. O! invites viewers to play.