Necla Rüzgar

Creature With Multiple Hearts

05.09.2018 - 30.09.2018

Galata Rum Okulu

Galata Rum Okulu is hosting Necla Rüzgar’s ‘Creature with Multiple Hearts’ between September 5th and 30th. The artist describes the "Creature with Multiple Hearts", as living things, situations, or ways of thinking that have different types and characteristics, all intertwined. The exhibition, curated by Deniz Artun, resembles a stage where these beings face an epic struggle against monsters, ugliness and evil. The exhibition mainly focuses on Rüzgar’s latest works that depict portraits of women with snakes as their hair. She wraps these Meduse heads to eachother with the fluidity of the ink which the artist has prefered in these works. The eyes of the women, that always appear through their hair, examine the hardness of our conscience, referring the roots of the legend. At the same time, Necla Rüzgar places the closed eyes of her sleeping women lying peacefully beside animals and intermingling with their bodies against her Medusa gaze. Last but not least, among the new era of works are oil paintings of, once again, women this time covering their face and hiding their looks completely. "Creature with Multiple Hearts" also places many of Rüzgar's older works amongst the new ones. Thus, just like the creatures themselves giving their name to the exhibiton, works are also interwined. It could be that the foundation of a work that has yet to dry, can be laid in the very early years of the artist. Or a familiar work we are accustomed to see in a certain context, can be replaced and thus totally renewed.