NevNesil 2018

25.05.2018 - 09.06.2018

Galeri Nev

Alp Sime / Ata Kam / Begüm Yamanlar / Can Akgümüş / Cemil Batur Gökçeer / Civan Özkanoğlu / Ege Kanar / Görkem Ergün / Kerem Ozan Bayraktar / Melisa Önel / Metehan Özcan / Selim Süme / Serdar Darendeliler / Sevim Sancaktar / Sinem Dişli / Yusuf Sevinçli / Zeren Göktan / Zeynep Kayan / Özgür Atlagan / İbrahim Karakütük / İrem Sözen

In 2009, as Nev celebrated the twenty-fifth anniversary of the founding of the Gallery, it also opened the first NEVNESIL exhibition with artists at the age of twenty-five. NEVNESIL, seeking commonality between the Gallery's own life span and a generation that grew up with it, did not end there. NEVNESIL, which occured regularly every two years after 2009, focused on finding a common word which could mostly be expressed with a common material. So up until now, the exhibitions were almost 'automatically' gathered around canvases, paper works, sculptures and readymades. The language of NEVNESIL at this present time is photography! MONOMYTH invites twenty-one photographers, who seize the spirit of our times, to come together at Gallery Nev. The name of the exhibition is from research by writer Joseph Campbell. Campbell suggests that in different societies, the different stories described at different times all come from the same roots. He considers all of them almost as further versions of one narrative. This narrative is woven around the journey of a hero, usually male, and evolves differently according to what they encounter on the road. Based on ideas developed by Campbell on mythology, MONOMYTH announces each of the invited artists as a hero or heroine of an ancient tale. The moments that they record during their journeys also bear the traces of an inner journey as in almost all heroic stories. On the other hand, MONOMYTH believes that when twenty-one artists gather together their singular expressions, will form the alphabet of that "first" story. On the evening of April 25th, the exhibition will be held at Gallery Nev with the participation of the artists. It will be the fifth NEVNESIL exhibit and the first NEVNESIL to be held at Kırlangıç Street. It is planned that the exhibition will be open at the Gallery’s new address until the end of June and activities and publications will unfold around it. NEVNESIL continues with the belief that art does not only reflect a period but at the same time can change it...