Mübin Orhon, Onur Kılıç

On its Circuits the Wind Returns

13.01.2024 - 10.02.2024

Galeri Nev

Galeri Nev rings in the new year with “On its Circuits the Wind Returns”, Onur Kılıç’s debut solo exhibition. Viewers are beckoned - even drawn - into an indoors whirlwind of fleeting spaces and vanishing objects! The works, with their still-wet paint, evoke Goya's aura from centuries past. Kılıç, rooted in the tradition of reproduction, does not merely replicate images; he disrupts them. The rug yanked from beneath our feet, the slipping floor, a drawer opening autonomously, all converge in a painting that embarks on a journey through Dutch art history. The shifting winds alter the course of history. In quieter moments, Kılıç addresses the imposing solitude of the objects left behind. It's as if the brightest state of a chair, the warmest touch of a rug, and the most floriferous flowers in a vase bloom forth in the absence of human perception, where not even the softest breath disturbs.

Onur Kılıç began his studies in 2016 at the Ceramics Department of Hacettepe University's Faculty of Fine Arts, though he did not complete his degree. Beginning in 2011, he was invited to numerous group shows and granted various awards. In 2022, he took part in Alt Atölye's one-work exhibition projects. In February 2023, Kılıç became the youngest artist to accompany Mübin Orhon in the third and final exhibition commemorating Orhon's centenary, “Spirit-Blue, Flesh-Violet”. Kılıç lives and works in Ankara.