Mustafa Karasu, Şerif Karasu


21.01.2011 - 12.02.2011

Galeri Nev Gezegen

Galeri Nev celebrated its 25th anniversary on May 2009 with the exhibition NEVGENERATION. This show, consisting of the works created by young artists who were born in the first half of the 1980's, coinciding with the inception of the Gallery, was the beginning of NEV’s journey towards the discovery of a “new generation”. NEV, which later on opened personal exhibitions of such members of this generation as Lale Delibas and Burcu Percin, is now hosting the works of another member Mustafa Karasu. In this first exhibition of 2011, to open on January 21, Mustafa Karasu will be showing his works along with his brother Şerif Karasu. The twin brothers born in Istanbul in 1986, are still continuing their studies at the Faculty of Art and Design in Yıldız Technical University under Inci Eviner. The young artists are working together in their own studio in Istanbul, and are showing their works in Istanbul, Berlin and Linz.The giant size oil on canvas portraits and auto portraits of Mustafa Karasu and those on paper with ink and charcoal by Serif Karasu, tend to coincide and at times to enter into conflict with one another by reason of their being twins: Is any of them an auto portrait? There are many cases of sibling artists in the history of art but twin artists are rather rare…. The exhibition continuing until February 12, also includes a unique work realized by both brothers.