Abidin Dino

Abidin Dino, published his first drawings in 1931, in the “Artist” magazine. He founded the “D Group” at the age of 20, and the “Liman Group” at 26. In 1934 he was invited to the Soviet Union where he worked as artist-painter at the Lenfilm Studios, took part in shootings alongside Soviet directors, and drew stage sketches for Stanislavski. In 1937, he designed the decor of an opera in Paris with Gertrude Stein. He was exiled to Anatolia in 1941, and in 1952 he settled in Paris. While in France, he entered Picasso’s atelier in Valluaruis through his friend Tristan Tzara, and worked there for a short period of time. During the fifty years that followed his first solo exhibition at Galerie Kleber, Paris in 1955, his works were displayed in a number of cities, among them New York, Moscow, Amsterdam, Athens, Prague, Zurich, Milan, Rome and Paris.In the French capital, Abidin’s paintings were also represented in the Musée de l’Art Moderne de la Ville collection and in the collection of the French Association of Plastic Arts (UNAP) of which Abidin was the honorary chairman in 1979. His first exhibition in Turkey was held in 1964 at Gallery 1 in Istanbul. Abidin’s solo exhibitions later continued in Ankara, Istanbul and Izmir, in addition to several group exhibitions to which he participated in different cities. In 1984, Gallery Nev was opened in Ankara with Abidin Dino’s “Hand” drawings and in the 20 odd years that follows, Nev has hosted twelve solo exhibitions of Abidin and published ten books.